Mervyn's & High Sky Ranch helps kids get ready for back to school

by Wyatt Goolsby

NewsWest 9

Mervyn's and High Sky Children's Ranch on Saturday had volunteers on hand to help in their ChildSpree Program.

The event gave around 50 local underprivileged children each a one hundred dollar shopping spree for clothes, shoes and other accessories.

In addition, Mervyn's gave the kids a 15 percent discount on everything they bought.

Managers in charge told NewsWest 9 this is really a great way to help kids out in their community.

"I mean, that's what we're all about, back to school and christmas, and this really helps the kids get ready for back to school and feel confident about going back to school, having new clothes, neat things," Brandon Huckabee, Manager of the Midland Mervyns, said.

so this is a good opportunity for them to start the school, and have the same type of clothing that other kids in school wear," Kathy Harmon, Program Director for High Sky, said.

Volunteers were on hand to help those kids out to best stuff to get them ready for back to school.