Family of a Monahans Girl asking for help after being born with Tumor

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MONAHANS- "She looks different. She knows people stare at her," said Regina Bustos, the mother of a two-year old born with a rare tumor in her cheek. Last August the family met with a Doctor in New York who said he could help, but raising the funds, and working within certain Medicaid requirements have made it a challenge, until now.

"On August 28th we're going to get her ready for her first surgery," said Bustos, the family has raised $7,000 dollars but it will cost $120,000 to complete all the work needed. Despite her struggle, Ariana Juarez holds her head up high, and plays like any other toddler.

"She has a good attitude, a real good heart," said Bustos. "I was really hoping she was healthy other than the tumor, and it wasn't going to stop her from breathing, because it's underneath her throat on top of her tongue, and underneath her tongue," she said when she recalled the moment she learned about her daughters condition.

You can help by donating the the Ariana Juarez account at any West Texas State Bank.