Interim Superintendent Hector Mendez making personnel changes

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

Interim Superintendent Hector Mendez has been on the job for only ten days, but that's not stopping him from making changes he says are necessary.

"There is a saying what is not monitored becomes optional."

It's been a busy two weeks at Ector County I-S-D for interim superintendent Hector Mendez.

His focus is to make changes.

"I immediately began my tenure by evaluating the staff looking at things such as knowledge skills and experience to make sure we put the correct people in the right places."

His reorganization starts at the top with administrators.

"See all the superintendents, well all the ones on the instructional side all reported to Dr. Gallegos, who then reported to the Superintendent, what I did was created a design where each Superintendent is in charge of a specific division, and responsible to me, the Superintendent."

Making those changes opened positions.

One of them is Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Operations.

It will be filled by Dr. Steve Brown.

Brown is currently principal at Bonham Jr. High, and a former Permian High principal.

"He's respected by his colleagues," Mendez said.

Assistant Superintendent Alma Guerrero will now head up curriculum and instruction, a department that Dr. Joe Gallegos used to be in charge of.

"I have faith in Assistant Superintendent Alma Guerrero to take the full load, because that's what she'll totally be responsible for," Mendez said.

Next week begins staff development for the school district, and Mendez says these sweeping changes are for the good of all Ector County students.

"We are serious about education and taking care of your child's needs," Mendez said.

Mendez says he prefers the new design, because he believes it will make decision making much easier.