Elderly Woman Robbed, Tied Up in Midland

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Things were getting back to normal in a Midland neighborhood Friday night. But for the elderly woman who lives on the 24-hundred block of Culpepper, it could be quite a while before she feels safe in her home, after what happened Friday morning.

"She's safe and sound. Of course, she's shaken, being up in her ears, of course, our main concern is you know, for her safety, and well being at this point," said Sergeant Bruce Williams with the Midland Police.

That was the scene in Midland Friday after officials said a man entered an elderly woman's home, tied her to the bed, and then robbed her. She was found by her husband a couple of hours later. The man who robbed her was long gone in their car. After a search by Midland Police, they reported the car stolen.

"Then learned, just as we had the vehicle entered, into TCIC, which is Texas Crime Information Center, that Reagan County Department of Public Safety, in Reagan County, had stopped the vehicle," explained Williams.

Troopers found the woman's car, and arrested the three people inside. Officers said there is a lesson to be learned after something like this happens: protect yourselves and your valuables.

"Folks can help us out a lot more and make our jobs a lot easier, if, when they go home, lock their vehicles, take the valuables out of their car, carry them with you into your house, lock the door behind you, put the garage door down," said Williams.

NewsWest 9 drove around the Midland neighborhood to see if we could find any homes with a garage unattended, and we did find quite a few. Police say even if you are home, it's still important to close the garage if you aren't going to be around.

Sergeant Williams also mentioned that he can remember the days in Midland where you could simply leave your front door unlocked. But those days are long gone.