Will the Permian Basin be the new home of the FutureGen Project?

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Will the Permian Basin be selected as the future home of the FutureGen Project?

The anticipation is building.

Local committee members say their chances remain very strong, but the date to announce the winner has been pushed back, yet again, to early December.

The FutureGen Alliance Committee, headed up by Stephanie Sparkman, returned to Midland International, after meeting with state leaders Thursday in Austin.

They've been fine-tuning their best and final proposal for the selection committee.

FutureGen is a zero emissions research site looking at ways to burn coal cleanly.

The group's final report shows everything from public and financial support, to incentives for building the plant in Penwell.

"What we did today is kind of dot the i's and cross the t's, and make sure that everything going into our best and final offer was all of the great, wonderful stuff that we have to offer, and it is and it's fantastic, and we're really excited.  What we've always said, and you guys know this, that we are a unique location, and in the end, I think it's that uniqueness that also transfers into great business sense that is going to make us the winner," Stephanie Sparkman said.

The other competitors for the project include Jewett, Texas, and two sites in Illinois.

Officials say the announcement date was delayed again, because of some required environmental studies.