Fit Flops? Are they really the new alternative to great legs?

by Hema Mullur

NewsWest 9

"The shoes claim to help a person get in better shape," said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jerry Cochran.  "The shoes claim also to help model a person's bottom."

And all you have to do is walk.

But trade the treadmill and still get the tush?  Sounds too good to be true, so we asked the experts to weigh in.

"Looking at the shoes, I think it's a very well made shoe," said Dr. Cochran.  "It has an arch support which is very good."

Trainer Sheila McGill tried the Fit Flops for herself.

"I walked on a hard surface, and I walked on a carpeted surface, and they felt comfortable," she said.

Our experts agree, if nothing else, these shoes are definitely good for your feet.

"They're probably better for a person than the standard flip flops," said Dr. Cochran.

But, get a workout while you walk?

"Aside from making you walk, they're not going to provide anything else," said McGill.  "No muscle tightening, no core strengthening."

"I think this is a good shoe," agreed Dr. Cochran.  "But I don't think necessarily that it'll help control the shape of a person's derriere."

Yet Fit Flops continue to sell out in stores worldwide.

"People are looking for a quick fix to get in shape," said McGill.  "And the shoes themselves aren't going to do that for you.  You're going to have to get up off the couch and work out."

One week later, and how are things looking for me back here?  I can't say much in the firming department, but I will agree with our experts in the fact that Fit Flops are extremely comfortable.  And in the week I've been wearing them, I've found myself standing straighter, and they've been a lot easier on my knees and lower back.  But when it comes to getting great legs, I'll stick with a pair of tennis shoes, and a treadmill.

If you'd like to give Fit Flops a try, you can find out more at their website,

And men, they're coming out with a version for you sometime next spring.