The new alternative to great legs? Fit Flops?

by Hema Mullur

NewsWest 9

"Get a workout while you walk" and "Work your bum muscles more."  Hefty claims from a pair of shoes.

"The shoes claim to help a person get in better shape," said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jerry Cochran.  "The shoes claim also to help model a person's bottom."

Introduced in the U.S. just a few months ago, Fit Flops sold out in just a matter of hours at one online store, and are now only available for pre-order.

The average person takes anywhere from 3000 to 5000 steps per day, but can these shoes really help you walk your way to great legs?

"Literature suggests that the shoes work by increasing the effort it takes to walk," said Dr. Cochran.  "Because the sole of the shoe is so absorbent of kinetic energy it's like walking in sand."

So we decided to put these Fit Flops to the test.  For one week, I traded my shoes for the Fit Flops, and I walked.

At home, at the store, outside, and even at the NewsWest 9 Studios.

So am I feeling the burn?  Tune in Thursday night as I let you know if I've walked my way a better behind, and we'll talk to local experts who'll give us their take on the Fit Flop Frenzy. 

That's Thursday night on NewsWest 9 at 10.