West Texas Food Bank facing budget problems

by Mitzi Loera

NewsWest 9

For the West Texas Food Bank the backbone of their organization is transportation which means they use plenty of fuel.

Each day most of us start our one car, and we're on our way, but that's not the case for Hyta Folsom the Executive Director of the West Texas Food Bank.

"We have two semis and I think it's about five bobtails and every time we crank that truck up it uses gas it uses diesel," Folsom said.

And those are the trucks just in Odessa.

"We cover 22 counties and it's a 45 thousand square mile area," says Folsom.

Including all the way to El Paso, making food deliveries and pickups in all parts of West Texas so cranking up each and every one of those trucks is extremely costly.

"When you set your yearly budget, you budget for what you think the prices will be, and then when they shoot up like gas prices have, it affects your bottom line all around," Folsom said.

Folsom says every year is like a history lesson you look back to the year before to figure your fuel budget for the future, but sometimes fuel isn't the only added cost.

"Other cost increases like postage that affect what we do, it all comes down to what money's left to bring food in."

And as the West Texas Food Bank looks for grants to help pay for gas, any donations automatically go into the fuel fund.