Purse Snatching Burglars Hit Midland

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Sara Stacks has lived here for over a decade and never thought Midland of all places this could ever happen.  Police say these thieves are targeting places like this parking lot and these burglars are striking nearly four times a day.

"I think that's the scariest part knowing that there's somebody watching what you're doing, because so many of us in our car don't think you're in your car you're in your personal space and no one is paying attention to you ," Sara Stacks, whose purse was stolen, said.

Someone had their eyes on Sara Stacks when she went out for a night of fun with friends over the weekend when the unexpected happened.

"I left my purse under the car seat and they shot out the car window and stole my purse," Stacks said.

Shattered glass still sits in the parking lot where her purse was stolen.  Midland Police say this is just one of many bars and restaurant parking lots burglars are targeting, and believe it or not, even funeral homes.

"I'd hate to judge someone but obviously they have no limit they don't care they're going to do whatever they want to do to go ahead and get the cash," Stacks said.

NewsWest Nine checked out several cars parked in these areas and found cash and coins in plain sight.

Sara like many others thought it would be a good idea to hide her purse under her seat and out of sight but that didn't keep any burglars away.

"Everything that was in my purse, my cell phone, and my keys, my wallet," Stacks said.

Her purse was later found a few miles away that night, the burglars took off with 20 dollars from her wallet but compared to her total costs, "About 320 dollars to get the window fixed and replaced the locks on my home," Stacks said.

It's a pain, Sara doesn't want to relive.

"It was minimal and damage and it was inconvenient and costly so I don't want anyone else to go through it," Stacks said.

The good news is Sara did get her purse back but she wanted to let viewers like you know to watch out for your stuff.

Here are a few things police say you can do to keep your stuff safe.

Lock your purse in the trunk or leave it at home all together.  If you have to take stuff with you, take only what fits in your pocket and if you see anything suspicious, call the police.