How Tough is the new State Mandated Fitness Test?

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Odessa- Kids in grades 3-12 will face, state mandated physical fitness testing at the start of the new year. Districts all over the Texas will be required to send Data to TEA and E.C.I.S.D. is gearing up for the new requirement.

Newswest Nine decided to see just how tough this new test will be for kids. I set out to do exactly what's expected of students when they head back to school. Flexibility wasn't a problem for me but the running portion and pushups were a struggle. Susan Nix, the science, health and PE coordinator for ECISD says this new test will give kids a starting point.

"Kids will learn how to do it. Take the test, so as they are working on it through out the year we are hoping to see some improvement in their endurance and flexibility. It will become second nature to them," Nix said, she added the scores will follow each student from year to year.

I had trouble with running, I failed to complete forty laps, I only ran fourteen but Nix says students shouldn't get discouraged because they are looking to see an improvement.

"Kids probably don't go and do laps or sprint laps unless they are in athletics or something like that where they're used to that, so a daily conditioning of doing this that your endurance would be better your health would be better," said Nix.