Former Midland Teacher Found Guilty, Punishment Phase Continues Tuesday

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

The jury has gone home for the day and they will continue the punishment phase for David Van Houten Tuesday morning, where they will determine whether the former teacher will get probation or go to prison.

Several witnesses including Van Houten testified before the jury today, telling them he will follow the rules if he is placed on probation.  Now the fate of this former teacher is up to the 7 men, 5 women jury who found Van Houten guilty on all four charges.  Two of those counts, sexual assault of a child and two of improper relationship with an educator and student.

Both victim's parents also took the stand and told the jury how this incident has changed their family's lives and their daughter has not been the same since last fall.  Van Houten's wife also spoke on his defense saying he's a good father and husband.

Nearly three dozen people packed the courtroom in Monday morning's closing arguments.

Van Houten was arrested back in November 2006 after allegations of he and a 14-year-old female student was brought to the school board's attention at Midland Academy Charter School, where he was later dismissed.

The jury will continue with the punishment phase Tuesday morning. 

Keep it tuned to NewsWest Nine as we'll continue to follow this trial.