Diet Coke May not be Healthy Alternative To Regular Soda

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

When you reach for a diet soft drink instead of the leaded stuff, you might think you are making a wise choice, but according to a new study you might be mistaken.

"It's a surprise, I think, that a diet soft drink is linked to metabolic disease," said Leslie Cho, M.D.

Researcher at Boston University, conducted a study with more than nine thousand men and women. Those men and women who drank one or more soft drinks a day, even diet, had an increased risk of obesity, cholesterol and other problems that raise the risk of heart disease.

"I guess it gives me a little bit more conviction that diet soda are not a good idea," said Elisabetta Politi, RD, MS.

"They observed a link between diet and risk of overweigh and other metabolic syndrome factors, Diet soft drinks may simply be an innocent bystander for other markers," said Howard Eisenson, M.D.

The American Beverage Association released a statement noting there is no scientific evidence to single out soft drinks as heart disease risk factor.

The Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Cho says the finding is a reminder about moderation.

"The take-home message is to limit your amount of soft drinks and that includes diet as well as sort of regular soft drinks,"
Leslie Cho, M.D.