Search continues for man who supplied pesticide to a Lubbock home

Staff Report
The Associated Press

LUBBOCK, Texas - Authorities are searching for a man who supplied a Lubbock family with an industrial-strength pesticide a day before a toddler in the home died.

Investigators say they've identified the man and where he last worked, but they have been unable to locate him. State officials also are looking into the poisoning.

The pesticide, Phostoxin, is not available to average consumers.

Only licensed suppliers and applicators are supposed to have accessto the chemical.

Two-year-old Vantashia Samuels died at a hospital Wednesday, a day after the pesticide was placed in four spots of the house.

Four family members who were in the house have been treated and released from the hospital.

All traces of the pesticide are gone from the home. Officials decided to keep the home closed to the family until Saturday morning as a precaution.