Big Spring Students saying goodbye to textbooks??

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

Big Spring High School is now a Wi-Fi hot spot and this school year, students will be going home and coming to class with one of these.

After a long time planning and waiting,

"These are the 13.3 inch Mac book, very nice, very white, very sleek, very shiny," Corey Wood, Big Spring Independent School District Technology Director, said.

Laptop computers, all 12-hundred of them are here.

"The students will get this pre loaded with lots of information," Wood said.

In our fast paced, high tech world, its become necessary for  schools to be on the cutting edge.

"It provides a more engaging environment for all of the students," Wood said.

And comes with many perks,

"Instead of a normal term paper that the students turn in, it's now turned into a multi-media presentation," Wood said.

"Grading papers will be much easier when it's all turned in electronically instead of carrying around 160 term papers, term papers are on the computers, read them wherever you are," Wood said.

Soon textbooks will be a thing of the past, being replaced with CD versions of the book.

"We will probably replace 1 and 5 textbooks, this year and we will still have the textbook but the material will be available on DVD or CD," Wood said.

Each laptop is closely monitored, enforcing a very strict 'acceptable use policy', anything deemed inappropriate will not be allowed.

"We have to block content that are objectionable, which is pornography, message boards and blogs, anything that's free posting or anything, of course will be blocked," Wood said.

Students can download music from I-Tunes and with this high tech tool. They hope it can take them beyond their high school years.