Busiest Time of the Year for Port of Entry

by Jacqueline Sit

NewsWest 9

"I haven't seen everything yet and I don't think I'll ever work enough to see everything you see more and more changes everyday," John Prewit, U. S. Custom and Border Protection Port Director said.

Right at the port of entry in Presidio, all eyes are on every car, truck and person passing through.  For U. S. Custom and Border Protection Port Director John Prewit, the biggest challenge is keeping up with the times.

"All the people we see everyday all of the innovations that people can find to try to get illegal drugs across or manufacturing documents that are not valid," Prewit said.

As traffic continues growing, so does a problem plaguing this port, fruits and drugs are never allowed pass the border.

"We confiscate a lot of contrabands illegal narcotics, consisting of marijuana, cocaine and some other prescription drugs people don't have prescription for," Prewit said.

While border patrol are keeping a close eye under the bridge, NewsWest Nine cameras were rolling as a dozen illegal immigrants were dropped off near the border to go back to Mexico on the bridge.

"Security is much more intense than it used to be the inspections are much more intensive than they used to be," Prewit said.

One family walked for hours to Presidio to do their grocery shopping, and now are returning home to love ones with their goods for the day, while security remains rigid 24/7.

"There are changes everyday and if you're not adaptable.  You're going to fall behind and we don't like to look behind, we like to look forward," Prewit said.