U.S. Senate rejects withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Iraq

by Brian Mooar

NBC News

The U-S Senate has wrapped up a marathon overnight debate on ending the war in Iraq.

Democrats failed to pass an bill that would pull out the troops, but they succeeded in making a statement.

Republicans, who were forced to stay the night because of Senate rules, called it a stunt and were able to muster enough votes to defeat the withdrawal.

"We were elected to legislate, not to strut across a stage.  This isn't Hollywood," complained Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell before the vote.

Colorado Democrat Ken Salazar disagreed.

"It is not a political stunt when voices of U-S Senators, or at least some of those Senators, are heard on the floor."

Staffers brought in cots so lawmakers could get some rest, but the fatigue was obvious.

In the end no hearts or minds were changed.

"A withdrawal would be calamitous," argued Utah Republican Orrin Hatch.

Meanwhile, moderate Republicans are still trying to force the President to develop a plan for leaving Iraq without mandating an actual pullout or timetable.