Blaze Burns 10 Acres in Midland County

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A trash fire sparked a grass fire on the 3900 block of County Road 118 just after 2:00 pm, Tuesday that burned 10 acres.
"I was in the house baby sitting, when my little nephew came and said there was a fire," said Akima Fox.

Cyclones of smoke were visible for miles.

"We know it spread from here outward, the guys are really having difficulty getting around the area because of all of the debris," said Midland's Assistant Fire Marshal, David Hickman.

High weeds, old furniture, and piles of woods fueled the flames as wind propelled the fire forward, demolishing an old mobile home. Firefighters feared the flames would move north towards homes and businesses but by late afternoon they had contained the fire. They remained on scene, putting out hot spots, to prevent a flare up.
"There were no injuries aside from one fireman who bumped his head on the fire truck," said Hickman.