Midland City Council pulls the plug on offer to Rick Menchaca

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- "Enough is Enough," said Councilmen Wes Perry, during Mondays meeting. The Tall City pulled the plug on the almost five hundred thousand dollar offer, in a five to one vote.
"I know we are right at the end but I just can't go any further. Where do you draw the line?" said Perry.

The meeting followed a letter sent to the council by City Manager Rick Menchaca's attorney's, Thursday. The letter requested clarification of benefits outlined in the offer, but city council members said it boiled down to more money.

"There was a possibility that would have resulted in more money and I think a couple of council members just thought that was just too much," said Mayor Mike Canon.

Sunday night a fax from Menchaca's legal team asking the Midland City Council to disregard the first letter, went out in vain.

"I don't think this council will offer him the same amount of money," said Mayor Canon.

The city council will meet Tuesday, July 24th, and Menchaca's employment will be on the agenda but Mayor Canon says they will still need to deal with his initial contract.

"One of the possibilities is that he could be terminated, I am not saying that will happen," said Mayor Canon who says the attorneys may be able to work something out.

Newswest Nine received this statement from Rick Menchaca:

"It is my hope that the city council will honor the agreement voted and approved at the June 26th City Council meeting. I will wait to see the outcome in the next few days and hope they will be men and women of their word, so that we can all move forward focused on the future and not the past."

He also added the claim that the letter sent to the council asked for more money, was a lie. His legal team is reviewing the action taken by the Midland City Council.