West Texas Restaurants Are Now Hiring

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

If you're waiting in long lines to get food at restaurants here in the basin, you're not alone. Restaurants all over West Texas are still looking for more workers to help serve customers. However, it's not just the number of workers they want to go up. It's the quality as well.

Now Hiring - the signs are everywhere, and that's true from cashiers to clerks, to even cooks in the back. Restaurants all over the Permian Basin are constantly looking for more help.

"Everybody in the state, every food service, every retail merchant, they're all having problems finding enough help, finding enough good help," said Susan Anderson, the Director of Operations for the Anderson Dairy Queens and Walters.

And that's the trick for a lot of businesses in West Texas. High turnover rates, constant training, and competition from the oil boom leave places like Walters always looking for employees.

"We are in desperate need of good quality people, who have, who want to come earn a paycheck, not just have a paycheck handed to them," explained Anderson.

Many restaurants workers tend to be high school and college age students. But managers at local food businesses said the economy has changed everything.

"Daddy makes enough money because of the oil boom that mommy doesn't have to work anymore," said Anderson. "Daddy makes enough money now that the kids don't have to work for gas money, car insurance, or whatever, so we have a reduced workforce."

And with less workers, that means you can expect to see those now hiring signs up for a long time. Managers will have to continue to work to find those good, hardworking employees. Until then, West Texans will have to plan for long lines.