Got Milk?? The price of Milk is going up

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

WEST TEXAS- Factors like gas and feed costs are pushing up the price of milk, and people all over the basin are finding it difficult to swallow.
"The kids need it, it's like bread, cereal, you got to have milk." said Marie Luera.
Milk is such a staple for her family she didn't even look at the price tag when they tossed a jug of milk into their basket but today they shelled out $5.58 for a gallon of milk. According, to the USDA the average in July last year was $3.14.

"I didn't realize what I paid for the milk," she said, "honestly thought it was about three dollars a gallon that is usually what I pay that's what I was expecting."

"Over the last month or so we've been seeing that it's going up," said Martin Carassco, an employee at Sundown Market in Midland.
"There are some people that look at you and say your crazy, for trying to sell your milk for this much," said Jason Mayfield, and employee at Wilson's Corner Store, on the outskirts of South Odessa.

It's not just the local shops with growing prices stores like Wal-Mart, Albertsons and HEB are also noticing price hikes.

"I don't know anything else that I can substitute as far as their nutrition and stuff, it's milk, juice or water." said Luera.