Talkative tyke and Georgia mom booted off flight

by Jon Shirek


A flight attendant takes on a talkative tyke tossing the toddler and his mom off a plane!

But this Georgia mom says her 20-month-old son was just repeating three words and her fellow passengers can prove it.

Now she wants an apology.

This is talkative Garren Penland.

At home in Gwinnett County with his mom, Kate.

They were flying on a Continental Express Jet last month to Oklahoma city to see her father for Father's Day and they got stuck in Houston for 11 hours because of bad weather.

When the flight finally left the gate, Garren was talking about it, happily, along with all the adults on board.

Garren's mother, Kate Penland, says "he's saying, 'Bye, bye, airplane' to the plane out the window. And that's what he was doing, he wasn't screaming or throwing a fit, just, 'Bye, Bye, airplane.'"

Kate says a flight attendant told her to get Garren to stop talking, immediately.

Kate says, "She leaned over the gentleman beside me and, ah, said, 'Okay, it's not funny anymore, you need to shut your baby up.'"  "And she said, 'Well, it's called Baby Benedryl,' [she made] just a little, you know, drinking motion, and I thought she's got to be kidding me. And I told her, 'I'm not going to drug my baby so that you'll have a pleasant flight.'"

Penland says other passengers began speaking up, backing her up, telling the flight attendant that Garren was not disturbing them.

Passenger Stacey Watts says, "It was ludicrous. I even heard somebody from the back of the plane call out there, 'You telling me there's a switch on kids all these years?'"

Kate says, "She put her hand on her hip and informed everyone that it was her plane, and she was not going to listen to it."

That's when she says the flight attendant told the captain that Penland had threatened her, the captain turned the plane around, and security escorted Penland and her son off of the plane.

Stacey says "I heard nothing from Katie to indicate there was any type of a threat."

A spokeswoman for Express Jet Airlines says only, "We received Ms. Penland's letter expressing her concerns, and intend to investigate its contents."