Swarm of Bees closes West of the Pecos Museum

by Camaron Abundes

NewsWest 9

"There is just thousands of them."

Bees infiltrated every nook and cranny, and forced the west of the pecos museum to shut it's doors on Friday

While museum employees like Exectuve Director Debra Thomas cleaned up the mess.

"We've been working all day vacuuming and sweeping them all up," said Thomas.

When City crews fumegated a hive at the top of this three story building, they didn't expect the bees to retreat.

"They finally came down yesterday and fogged inside the nest, by the time we closed yesterday, the whole building, a three story building, fifty rooms, was full of live and dead bees," Thomas said.

What's left is a like a battlefield full of bees.

While it isn't certain if these are dangerous, everyone will be happy when when the bees are finally pushed back, and out of the museum.

"We'll be bee free soon," Thomas said.

Their doors will be back open today.