Back-Up Traffic Signal Systems help Odessa Police

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9 

Police in Odessa now have a little back up when those traffic signals go out. The city has installed some new battery back-up systems for six busy intersections. These systems are in place to help keep traffic moving.

Traffic in Odessa can be pretty bad sometimes. That's especially true at major intersections.

"Especially whenever there is an accident, whenever they take out the power outage, or we have power failure, it gets hectic at major intersections directing traffic," said Gabriel Hernandez, with Odessa Police.

But city officials have put a Traffic Signal Battery Back-up System at intersections all over Odessa. Hal Feldman said this 30-thousand dollar project will help to keep traffic moving if there are any problems.

"There's no interruption in the traffic signal, the signal operation. When the power goes down, the battery goes up. It's seamless in the operation of the traffic signal," explained Feldman.

That means if there is a power glitch, you probably won't even notice with the system now in place.

"We won't have to be standing out there directing traffic this time," explained Hernandez. "It not only helps us, being out there, but it keeps the traffic flowing, and the man power. We don't have to man the intersections."

The city worked with police to figure out which locations should have the back-up system. The total cost for taxpayers was around thirty thousand dollars, and the systems have been running since May.