Deputy Superintendent Joe Gallegos launches website to stand up for himself

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

An ongoing and bitter dispute between some Ector County School Board members, and an Administrator, has taken yet another turn.

Deputy Superintendent Joe Gallegos has developed his own web page, he calls "The Scapegoat Speaks".

Gallegos tells NewsWest Nine, he designed it himself, and just opened the site a few days ago.

He says he did it, to stand up for himself, and address a number of issues plaguing the district.

Gallegos believes he has taken the blame for the E-C-I-S-D not having its own district plan this past year.

He also addresses issues like school board ethics, and explains why he didn't want some of his old test scores released publicly.

One of the board members Gallegos is critical of in his website, Dr. Donna Smith gave us her reaction.   

"I've looked at it very carefully.  I think that as long as he's truthful he has every right to express himself, but I wish he had found other avenues to express his displeasure.  He's clearly unhappy.  I'm prominently featured as one of the people he's unhappy with," Smith said.

Gallegos says he developed the web page in response to some recent negative articles about him in the Odessa American Newspaper, and that this was the most complete and fair way for him to address the issues.