Concerned Tax Payers, No Show at Kermit ISD Meeting

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

KERMIT- It was supposed to be the hot topic at Tuesday's school board meeting in Kermit, after a letter circulated around town alerting tax payers, of what the author of the letter called a misuse of tax dollars by Kermit I.S.D.

The author, enclosed pictures of Kermit teens hired by the district clearing branches at K.I.S.D Curriculum Director Brenda Jackson's home, June 29th.

While the regularly scheduled meeting allows time for citizen complaints, no one showed up to formally complain to the district officials at Tuesday's meeting.

Superintendent Santos Lujan says the kids were authorized to help clean up at Jackson's home and the district didn't violate any rules and student safety is always the first priority.

Brenda Jackson made a fifty dollar donation to the district along with the firewood that will be used by the district.