NASCAR plane crash kills five in Florida

by Kristen Dahlgren
NBC News

At least five people are dead following a fiery plane crash near Orlando, Florida.

Witnesses described a loud noise, a fireball engulfing two houses, and then a scene that nobody could imagine.

"One boy had come out of the top bedroom window.  His skin was hanging off of him like a rag shirt.  The wife came out, they were both screaming, I believe somebody else was still inside of that home," said neighbor Dennis Misuraca.

Still inside was a four-year-old girl, now, one of the confirmed dead, along with another child and three adults.

Two of the victims were on the small plane, Dr. Bruce Kennedy, the son-in-law of the late NASCAR chairman Bill France, Jr., and the pilot who had reported smoke in the cockpit and was trying to make an emergency landing.

Amid the horror there was also heroism.

An off-duty firefighter who lived nearby ran in without all his safety gear and saved that boy who had to jump from the window.

He was burned across 90 percent of his body, but managed to give a thumbs up to paramedics as he was taken to the hospital.