Exclusive: Misuse of School Funds In Kermit ISD?

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"As far as the question arising of the misappropriation and use of resources, absolutely not," Superintendent Santos Lujan of Kermit Independent School District said.

That's in response to a recent accusation of misused resources in Kermit ISD.  Those resources, a summer help paid program.

"We usually employ 10 or 12 kids in the summer who usually help us paint or given maintenance crew a boost," Lujan said.

A concerned taxpayer sent this letter and these pictures to NewsWest Nine and several Kermit residents, stating the students were working at a yard belonging to curriculum director Brenda Jackson, but KISD Superintendent Santos Lujan says they were just lending a helping hand.

"This school district bends over backwards to help community in any situations, we loan fields to groups all over the city we loan equipment out to certain parties and we do it as a service to our community," Lujan said.

So when a recent storm knocked down a tree at Brenda Jackson's home, she needed help taking away the wood, firewood that could benefit the school district.

"I wanted that wood for our fundraiser here at the district, lots of students they cook burger, they cook fajitas for the fall for the fundraisers, we need to have that fire wood," Lujan said.

Lujan says the firewood totaled to 150 dollars, money the school can use and Brenda Jackson also made a 50 dollar donation to KISD for the work.  Lujan goes on to say the safety of his students is always first.

"We never allow our children to be placed in any compromising situations or dangerous equipment," Lujan said.

As for the allegations,

"As far as any impropriety, absolutely not, and I stand by it now, stand by it tomorrow, and a year from now," Lujan said.

Lujan believes it's a personal attack.

"If you have a personal issue with an employee or an administrator have the courage and judgment to meet with that person and discuss it properly, not take it out in public using federal mail to make these horrible accusations," Lujan said.

Superintendent Lujan tells NewsWest Nine if there are any complaints or comments; feel free to bring it up to the administration.