Business Owner Protects Property

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The owner of Desperado's Drive Thru is back to work after a scuffle with a suspected robber ended with gunfire. Joe Silva the owner of Desperados still has the bullet in his ankle after Friday nights attempted robbery but the teen he turned over to Odessa Police is still behind bars.

Police arrested 17 year old Jimmy Welch, for one count of Aggravated Robbery. His bail is set at 80 thousand dollars. They are still investigating whether or not Welch committed a separate robbery at a Domino's Pizza last week. Police are still searching for a suspect they say drove the getaway car Friday night.

"When I turned on the lights next store, We knew there was somebody in there and they were trying to sneak off and he took off running and I took off after him," said Silva.
"When I caught him, down the street over on Texas Street, I tackled him and when we went down I didn't realize he had a gun and a gunshot went off. I felt something on my ankle but didn't think much of it," said Silva.
When the adrenaline wore off, Silva found a bullet hole in the side of his ankle but he says he wasn't phased and he was glad he could help Police.

"People need to respect a person's property. I would do it all over again," said Silva.