NewsWest 9 cameras enter Church destroyed by cell phone tower

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

It has been a little over a week since storms tore through Seminole and the damage to the Agape Community Church doesn't look bad from the outside, but it is a different story from the inside.

Snarled pieces of metal and debris from the building are all over the place and the sunlight shines through a gaping hole in the ceiling of the sanctuary. 
"The whole structure is pretty shakey," said Mike Byrum, a Shepherd at the Agape Community Church

Ninety mile an hour straight line winds caused major damage after a 320 foot tower toppled over onto the roof of the Agape Community Church, bending beams, and damaging almost everything inside.

"I knew that at my house the wind was blowing, and it was blowing hard, hard, you could hear a roar somewhere in the background.   I knew the wind was blowing hard, but I never imagined it would fall. I was amazed at the damage it was like wow," said Byrum.

And the damage wowed almost everyone.  That tower had stood for years in the town of Seminole and according to city officials it was supposed to sustain hurricane force winds.

"My initial thought I was just thankful that we didn't have anybody in the church or around the church, course it was late later at night, glad it wasn't at a different time you know when people would have been here."

Bryum says the sanctuary is only two years old and is a complete loss.

"It's ruined, it's a hazard, and we need to tear it down pretty soon."

They plan to hold church services in the old sanctuary building in the coming weeks and continue to have a great outlook on such unexpected devastation.

"Everyone agrees this is the beginning of a new beginning."

Also, a church passenger bus used by the Agape Church to bring people to and from Church activities, is now in a pile in front of the damaged sanctuary.