Repairing the Damage after the Vandals Hit Odessa

By Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The shop has called it a night but earlier today and yesterday, this parking lot and garage was swamped with trucks and SUVs trying to get their windows replaced before the rain makes their way into their vehicles.

Jose Diaz and his family have been busy.

"We walked in phone started ringing off the walls, people handing keys over telephone names, call me when it's ready, it was something different,"  Jose Diaz with the Absolute Auto Glass in Odessa, said.

They've been working on three cars every hour, cleaning and replacing as many windows as they can.

"We were cleaning up installing, cleaning up installing, it was pretty crazy," Diaz said.

Their shop Absolute Auto Glass has been packed with vehicles just like this one, evidence of what vandals left behind.

Diaz says all the vehicle coming in are newer models of trucks, SUVs and customized vehicles.

"Most of the cars we replaced back glasses on were 2003 and up, some were even 2007," Diaz said.

One of those trucks belongs to Dennis Newton, who was having a barbeque with friends when he says vandals shot out his back window around 3 in the morning.

"Just sitting there out the window, and going choo choo choo choo, and I bet he shot over 20 times or more, just as fast as he pulled the trigger he was shooting," Newton said.

It cost him over a hundred bucks to get the window replaced but it could've cost more.

"What if somebody was walking out here at the time he pulled this trigger, he could've shot them," Newton said.

While Newton says this senseless act didn't ruin his summer plans, he's hoping these vandals will pay a pricey penalty.

"I hope they get caught, and get fined go to prison when they do stupidity things like that they shouldn't be going on like that," Newton said.

Again, there is a one thousand dollar crime stopper reward if you have any information on this vandalism.  You will remain anonymous. 

Police are looking for a two-door, silver dodge pickup, lifted with large tires.  Witnesses say there were two people inside.  Police are also looking for a white Chevy S-10 Blazer.  Officers say the group of vandals used either a bb or pellet gun to shoot out windows along several streets late Tuesday night.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.