Former Kermit coach won't spend a day in jail

by Pamela Hamm

NewsWest 9

Lorenzo Muro Florez has been given 10 years of community supervision.

Florez will also have to pay 5-thousand dollars to the District Attorney's Crime Victims Assistance Fund and over 6-hundred dollars in court costs.

But in the end, the deal dismisses Florez from spending a single day behind bars.

It's called deferred adjudication.

That means Florez accepted the charge of indecency with a child but never plead innocent or guilty.

He cut a deal with county prosecutors, however it comes with a few strings attached.

If within his ten years of supervision Florez gets in trouble, the deal gets dropped.

He will then be required to plead guilty to the charge and be re-sentenced.

Earlier this year, Florez resigned from the Kermit Independent School District.

He was employed there for two years as a teacher and coach.     

Details on what Florez is accused of doing still have not been released.

Still no word of the alleged victim is a student.