Odessa Animal Control Seizes Pit Bulls

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Animal Control in Odessa now has four pit bulls in their custody. They were seized by after police received an anonymous tip that the dogs were being neglected at a house at the corner of Wedgewood and Oakwood. Animal Control wasn't happy with what they saw.

"What we had seen was dishes that had been turned over, water bowls turned over. You know, dogs tangled, there was one dog tangled up around the tree, couldn't get to water," said Cheryl Brom with Odessa Animal Control. "The house was turned over. We had isolated storms yesterday."

Brom said this isn't the first call about this house. She believes the dogs hadn't been fed for three to four days. She also saw a terrible fight break out between one of the smaller pit bulls and a larger male.

"When that puppy got too close to the male pit bull, it attacked it and it was horrible," explained Brom. "And we provided the notice, the dog was able, we yelled at it, and kind of hit the fence for the dog to brake up, it did break up."

NewsWest 9 found that conditions at the house didn't appear all that great. Animal Control said that the backyard just isn't big enough for four big dogs.

"When we were on the scene, the other animal was chewing the cable to get off the chain," said Brom. "I thoroughly believe that puppy would be dead, if we didn't intervene, and part of this is intervention. Which is horrible, it was horrible listening to that. I've been on the job for a long time and I wouldn't want the neighbors to have heard what we heard. It was...it was awful."

Animal Control put a notice on the door Friday telling the owners the dogs had been seized. Those owners also got a ticket because their pets were not wearing property tags and aren't registered. Brom wants all dog owners to understand how important it is to take care of these animals.

"They're like kids. They're like 2-year-old kids. Any dog, no matter what you got, a Labrador, a Pit Bull, or Shepherd, these dogs are like children, and it's up to you, and the law says it's up to you owners to take care of it," said Brom.

No word yet from the owners, so the dogs will stay at Animal Control, at least for now. Police plan a hearing next Wednesday, and continue to wait to hear from the owners.