Animal Shelters see spike in number of animals due to fireworks

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

Did you know the Fourth of July and New Years holidays are the busiest times of the year for animal control shelters?

That's because the loud noise from the fireworks causes anxiety in pets, and many of them actually run away from home.

They're fun to watch each year, but those loud popping noises from fireworks drive your pets crazy.

And that's exactly what happened to some of these pets at the animal control shelter in Midland.

Officials today told NewsWest 9 it's their busiest time of the year simply because pets get anxiety and run away from home.  Pet owners flock here to see if their dog might have been picked up by one of their trucks.

"Any time we have mainly fireworks going off we see an influx of animals.  The wild noise scares them, disorients them.  And they, out of panic, just jump over the fence and escape," says Animal Control Specialist Paul O'Neill.

And that's probably what happened to Tracy Valle's black Chihuahua.

"I have three kids who are really attached to her, so we're really trying to find her," says pet owner Tracy Valle.

The family's dog Diva escaped a few days ago, and Tracy thinks all the fireworks noise last night didn't do anything to help their dog find her way home.

"I'm worried about the fireworks, because she is an inside dog, so she isn't use to the outside world and the fireworks probably scared her and you know , I'm hoping for the best, but we don't know that especially with last night. All that was going and stuff so it probably scared her."

Dispatchers have been taking lots of calls, and dispatching their trucks around area neighborhoods rounding up the lost pets.

So now, for New Year's, officials say try to find a quiet place inside for your home or garage, and avoid confining your fearful pet on a chain in the backyard.