Big Mess to Clean Up After the Holiday

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The aftermath of the Fourth of July, Coke cans, lighters and fireworks covering streets after streets in Ector County.

"Those don't blow away.  They don't just go away and it would take a long time to decompose, it was disappointing," Lennard Byrd, President of Keep Odessa Beautiful said.

A disappointment and an eyesore that seems to be a growing problem year after year.

"When you take your children out to pop the fireworks, think about the lesson you're leaving with them," Byrd said.

An example not demonstrated here right in our own town.

"You're taking them out to pop firecrackers and when you're finished you go home and leave all the trash," Byrd said.

Leaving behind a big mess for clean up crews and volunteers.

"They're right there on the edges of the highway, so they're all in plain view and we need to get the trash off the streets," Byrd said.

They're hoping by educating parents and kids, it will help alleviate the problem, they're also asking to help with the clean up simply by bringing a trash bag and getting rid of the mess.