Vandals Hit Over 100 Cars in Odessa

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Many residents left with a big mess to clean up tonight after vandals hit dozens of cars overnight leaving many very upset.

Shattered glass scattered everywhere.

Maribelle Minyard stopped by this morning to visit her mother, only to find her mom's car completely destroyed.

"I drove up and noticed all the black glass lying on the driveway," Maribelle Minyard said.

And this isn't the only damage; Odessa Police tell NewsWest Nine over a hundred forty cars have been shot out with an air gun or air rifle.

"I was surprised because I drove up and didn't notice it on any other vehicle I was hoping that it wasn't a target or anything I figured that it was spontaneous," Minyard said.

These hits were spontaneous and widespread giving police a tough time to track down the vandals.

"Probably kids with a lot of times on their hand, probably cut loose on the 4th of July holiday and got nothing better to do," Minyard said.

And replacing these windows will cost Odessans thousands of dollars.

"Hopefully they'll get caught.  I don't know what kind of crime it'll be, but hopefully they'll get some punishment because it's going to be very costly for anyone else that it happens to. It'll be a costly night of fun for them," Minyard said.

Police needs your help tonight.  If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.