Mayor Canon Speaks Out

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The Midland Mayor opens up about outgoing City Manager Rick Menchaca's split with the Tall City and the pricey offer made to cut ties with the city.

"The surfacing of the video that's become known as the but video... that and the handling of the video was one of the precipitating factors," said Mayor Canon, of the events that lead up to first the Chief of Police John Urby's announcement of his retirement and then the resignation of City manager Rick Menchaca.

"The City manger thought one level of discipline was appropriate and the Chief thought another was appropriate," said Canon of the police officer that took the video. Ultimately the Chief of Police retired.

"It brought finally to a head, the frustrations the Chief must have been feeling, if not expressing over the years," said Canon who said the language used by the MMPOA came as a shock.

"I just had no idea that the feelings were that harsh," said Canon "Once I realized the police had so much animosity for the City Manager, I couldn't ignore that either."

Texas Rangers started an investigation into Menchaca's action against the Midland officer and one of his family members. In May the City Council asked Menchaca to step down but the City remained tight lipped about what was going on until recently.

"That probably made people think we were trying to hide something, I don't think we were ever trying to hide anything, I know we weren't, It was that we were dealing with a situation that was new to us," said Canon.

Last week the City Council put a hefty offer on the table to cut their ties with Menchaca, totaling $481,158 dollars for 16 months salary and benefits. His original contract was only for twelve months but it did include benefits like payouts for sick time.

"I guess he was perceived as someone they really wanted at that time," said Canon, " I think it goes without saying we probably won't give that kind of deal again. in my mind it was just too generous of a severance package."