Kids’ Boxing Center Vandalized

By Wyatt Goolsby
Newswest 9

The search was on in Midland Tuesday after a boxing club was vandalized by a group of teenagers. Not only that, but they were missing a lot of equipment too. Managers were shocked to find all of the damage early Tuesday morning.

"I mean we never thought that being a boxing club for kids and everything, and open house and all, we never thought that we would have that problem," said Lalo Lugan, the president of the Clayton Williams Boxing Center.

From Graffiti on the wall, to missing gloves and punching bags, members of the Boxing Club in South Midland were surprised to find their building in such bad shape.

"The door was open about a foot wide," said Lugan. "Ever since that time, you know, we've been missing a lot of our equipment, like gloves and everything."

Lugan says he's sad a group of teenagers would break into their center. It is a center that gives low-income kids a safe environment to learn boxing.

"It hurts a lot. I mean it, right now, I'm kind of upset. I mean it hurts a lot to see something like this, you know, to see where we are helping out. I mean, I don't know, it just...hurts," explained Lugan.

Year after year, the club sends kids to Kansas City, Missouri, to compete in a major amateur tournament. However, we all the money it will cost to repaint and replace the stolen supplies, Lugan is not even sure if they will have enough to go this year. Even without the money, though, the club isn't looking to get revenge.

"Yeah, but my dad was like, that we shouldn't retaliate or nothing like that, even if we found out who it was," said Frankie Lugan, a boxer in the club. "You know, we shouldn't do nothing about it."

"Everybody deserves a second chance. You know, they can come in here. I don't want to say 'why have you done this to our building,' you know, 'I'm going to prosecute you, I'm going to file charges,' no, I don't want to do that," explained Lalo Lugan. "We are here to help the kids."

Lugan told Newswest 9 that he spoke with the city about providing funds to repair the building. He said that they will have to assess the damages and get back to him later this week.