OHS under Watch List

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Here are a few reasons why students are expelled from school, ranging from robbery to arson.

But at this campus, alcohol and drugs seem to be the main culprit, a problem that's now landed the school on a TEA Watch List.

That's after nearly two dozen students were expelled during the 2005-2006 school year.  That number calculates to one percent of the student population.

Ector County ISD Assistant Superintendent Irene Granado says any school that meets that percentage is placed on the list.

If a school makes the list three years in a row, it is then classified as a Persistently Dangerous School.

The school district says they're now stepping up to get the message out about the dangers of drugs and alcohol to their students to help tackle this problem before it gets worse.

"We're going to take a proactive instead of reactive because it's obvious we're catching the kids on campus and that's why we'll have the mandatory expulsions but what we decide to do is even though OHS doesn't have to do an action plan we went ahead and developed one and we're going to implement it this coming school year," Irene Granado, an ECISD Assistant Superintendent, said.

We're told the TEA does not take any action against any school until it lands on the list three years in a row.  Keep it right here on NewsWest Nine as we continue to follow this developing story.