Odessa Shriner Club out of 4th of July Parade

by Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

A staple of Odessa's 4


of July parade will be missing this Wednesday.  That's the Shriner Club's bucking car.

"This bucking car has been in this parade in Odessa, Texas since 1946. We have never had an accident," said Bob Chamblin. "We have never had any incident at all."

Clean record or not, you won't be seeing a Shriner car in this year's parade. That's because new restrictions are keeping the car out. It's something that's not sitting well with long time Shriner Bob Chamblin, who used to perform as a clown.

"It makes me feel really upset," explained Chamblin. "It makes me feel like why should I go through all the trouble to makeup, go through all of that work, and then get out there and they tell us we can't do this, we can't do this."

Police say they're worried about cars that spin or bounce getting too close to the public during the parades.

"We felt like it was becoming more dangerous, and we felt like for the safety of the public, and for the safety of the participants in the parade, that some stricter rules needed to be implemented," said Lt. Mark Rowden, with Odessa Police.

"The fourth of July parade for us is about the kids. We raise 1.7 million dollars everyday to keep those hospitals and burn centers open to treat those kids, free of charge," said Chamblin.

Police tell Newswest 9 the most important concern her is public safety. They said they are not looking to single out any group or organizations. If they continue along with this policy, they said they will be able to ensure a safe and fun time at this year's Fourth of July parade.