ECISD Responds to Bible Class Suit

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- The Ector County School District's Legal team met Monday, to announce a motion to dismiss the names of  School Board Members listed on a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Texas and eight Odessa Parents, concerning an elective Bible course. The team filed a motion calling for mediation, to resolve the issue before spending years in court. The ACLU will have thirty days to respond.

"If they won't sit down, if they won't work it out, and if they want to do litigation and that's what they want to do then we're obviously going to do everything in our power to defend the right of the school district to not deprive students of this elective which is clearly constitutional," said Chief Legal Council for ECISD, Kelly Shackleford.

The school district has defended it's course saying it doesn't violate the constitution but the ACLU claims it promotes a specific religion, while using tax payer dollars.
"The Supreme Court has said very clearly that its perfectly OK to have a course in the Bible and it's influence in history and culture," said Shackelford.

"The ACLU doesn't like this curriculum and they want to stop them and so they are trying to use ECISD as the guinea pig to stop this all over the country," said Shackelford.