President Bush invites Russian President Vladmir Putin to Family home in Maine

Staff Report
The Associated Press

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (AP) - Judging from the hospitality President Bush is about to give Russia's president -- you might never know that U-S-Russian relations have been put to the test recently.

Following a Sunday afternoon arrival at the Bush family home in Maine, Vladimir Putin will be hosted both by Bush and his father, the owner of the home. He'll be treated to spectacular views, lobster at nearly every meal, and maybe even a fishing trip on the elder Bush's speedboat.

Six years ago, when he hosted Putin at his Texas ranch, the current president said, "You only invite friends into your house."

But relations haven't always been friendly in recent months.  Bush's moves to expand missile defenses have bothered Russia. And Washington is concerned about democratic backsliding in Russia.

Moscow is also blocking independence for Kosovo, something the U-S wants to see.

Bush is hoping to get Russia's support for a new round of U-N sanctions against Iran because of its refusal to stop enriching uranium.