Midland College Volunteers Help Colleague

by Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

"I can not believe people love me this much," said Louise Powell, a single mother who qualified for a habitat home back in April.

Powell works at the Career Center at Midland College and couldn't  believe how many Chaps showed up to help donate hours to the families "Sweat Equity" time, hours required by the program.

"Louise Powell is a fine lady,  a sweet lady, and she is a part of our family and this is what's all about. We help one another," said Executive VP of Midland College, Dr. Richard Jolly.

Each family who qualifies for a Habitat home must complete three hundred hours to help other families in need build their homes, and fifty hours on their own.

"It's very hot, very hot, but it's for a good cause so we are enjoying it and having fun," said Dr. Jolly.    

"I totally feel like a home owner, because this is it, this day is going to help me have my own home," said Powell, who added she would not be able to afford a home without this help.

So what might have been pipe dreams, will turn in to new beginnings.

"I want to be the example for my kids, I want to let them know one day you can own your own home. I want to be an example for them, that this is what you deserve, as a person," said Powell.

Friends like Paula Diffie say they couldn't be happier.

"Just meet her, she is such a wonderful person. So vibrant, she is kind to everyone. She is just a blast to be around," said Diffie.