Travel Problems Continue across the United States

by Steve Handlesman
NBC News

The airlines say don't blame us, but tens of thousands of U-S travelers are still suffering from a nightmare week of departure delays and flight cancellations.

With the Fourth of July holiday rush just few days away passengers should be wary.

Critics are claiming that the F-A-A is not doing enough.

In New York, Friday takeoffs were still delayed and passenger patience was running out.

Part of the problem was bad weather in the east due to several waves of storms.

Northwest alone canceled about 150 flights, but the airlines say they're not to blame.

"Just a new mix of traffic out there and it's pushing the limits of the system. So we're just putting too many planes in the air at the same time," said the Air Transport Association of America's Basil Barimo.

"We cannot believe the government when they tell us about flight delays," said the Coalition for Airline Passengers' Bill of Rights' Kate Hanni.

Hanni said the Federal Aviation Administration distorts the statistics.

"They intentionally did not count any diverted or canceled flights and last year there were 800 thousand cancellations and 16,186 flight diversions," added Hanni.

With a record 209 million passengers expected to fly this summer, the best advice is fly in the morning before the thunderstorms form.

Also, parents should not drop kids off at the airport assuming their planes will take off on time, or take off at all.