Myspace Class Offered at Midland College

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

You've heard them talking about it.

"Pick eight default pick, someone left a comment someone blogged."

It's a constant chatter among friends about updating their profile or finding old friends.

 "You might want to know what your kids are talking about."

Bailey Beard is your typical college student, but she has a not so typical task ahead of her.
"This class has never been offered before so I said hey guys I've got a really good idea I laid it out for them and they were very excited," Beard said.

And she's excited because her task is to teach a class, on Myspace.

The popular social networking website and the students she wants to teach are parents and grandparents.

"The class is aimed at parents whose children have Myspace and are too young to understand the dangers of the internet and the parents don't understand the website, so it's to bring about understanding, because Myspace has gotten such a bad rep," Beard says.

There is not much history about how myspace got started but it is known the social website was created by a Tom Anderson from California and when you create your my space page he becomes your first friend.

And Beard says it's all about friends and staying in touch with people you know.

"I know my mom wanted one because she uses it she keeps up with my cousins who are in college she keeps up with the rest of my family, but even if it's not for the parents wanting a Myspace to know what the websites about to know what their kids are doing," Baird says.

Beard will teach the ins and outs of the website all as apart of a continuing studies class at Midland College.

"We going to talk about safety and features and how to make it private and were going to set up our basic pages, editing pictures, we're going to go over decorating and how to find your friends contact your friends."

The class will take place every Tuesday in July and starts July third and only costs 25 dollars.

If you would like more information on the Myspace class you can call the Continuing Studies Department at Midland College 685-4518.