Using Fireworks with Caution this 4th of July

By Wyatt Goolsby
Newswest 9

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, West Texans will be stocking up on fireworks for this year's celebration.

"Fireworks are so much fun. Everybody loves them," said Nicole Friday, with Mr. W Fireworks. "It makes you feel like a kid again, I guess. You know how when you are a kid and popping them, you know, the little pop-pops, throwing on the ground."

But most of the fireworks you will see Wednesday at public displays won't be those little kid pop-pops. The Midland Fire Department tells Newswest 9 that most fires caused by Fireworks happen in July. And that means being safe and smart no matter where fireworks are lit.

"We've had some abundant rain, but still there's a potential for fire," says David Hickman, the Midland Assistant Fire Marshal. "There could be still some dry areas, and especially with children or people with fireworks around structures, you know that poses threats also."

So to avoid fires this independence day, here are some safety guidelines:

1. Never use fireworks indoors, use them outside, away from other people or buildings.

2. Never shoot fireworks from metal or glass containers.

3. Never carry fireworks in your pocket.

4. Follow the directions carefully.

5. Fireworks should be handled by adults.

So, if you're planning on popping firecrackers on the fourth of July, just make sure you follow all these guidelines, and make sure you have some water around, either from a hose or a bucket full of water. At the very least, you want to have a fire extinguisher around just in case those fires get out of hand.

"We are hoping, we're keeping our fingers crossed, that our fires will be down this year. Last year, when we had the burn ban, and the fireworks restrictions, our fires were down remarkably over the previous year, and we are hoping that with the conditions the way they are, that fires will be down also," explained Hickman.

The Midland Fire Department also wants to remind you that you cannot have or use fireworks within city limits or five thousand feet from city limits. Remember that school-age children are at the highest risk for injury from fireworks.  So, keep in mind all of these safety tips, so that you can have a safe and fun Fourth of July.