Possible Mayoral Candidate Raises Concerns Over Menchaca Package

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND-  "It's on the backs of us as tax payers that this money is being paid," said Stephanie Sparkman, a former mayoral candidate, at a press conference she called to address concerns surrounding former City Manager Rick Menchaca severance package.

"How did we get this far, where our City Manager actually has a case they think is good enough to take court, and the city would lose, in order for us to be black mailed into paying this kind of money," said Sparkman.

Sparkman took the opportunity to announce her potential bid for the mayors race.

"I am not prepared to formally announce that I am going to run for mayor but I am setting up an exploratory committee," Sparkman said.

Twenty to thirty citizens showed up to support Sparkman's concerns.

"I would like for the City council to come out to whatever extent they can and at least say we can't talk about this issue right now. We can talk about these things at this point. but let us know how we got here," said Sparkman.

The City Council approved  a severance package of 481,156 dollars Tuesday, in a 5 to 2 vote. Council member Scott Dufford and Mayor Cannon voted against the offer.

"What kind of deal did they make with him anyway? What are they trying to hide," said resident Tom Flannoy.

Midland's public information officer Tina Jauz, told Newswest Nine the city is involved in negotiations and will not comment. Personnel matters are also considered sensitive and need to be kept confidential.