I-Phone Buzz continues as retail debut nears

By Jinah Kim
NBC News

"Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone."

That bold declaration was made by Apple's founder Steve Jobs six months ago, when gadget fans could only ooh and aah at what was to come.

Now the iPhone finally goes on sale to the public, and those who've had the patience to wait in three-day long lines can get their hands on what Apple calls "life in your pocket."

"The iPhone is easily the most hyped gadget ever," said Wired Magazine's Mark McClusky.

It's sleek and slim.

It's a juke-box like music player that lets you shuffle through album covers.

It's a camera and hands-on photo display that you control by pinching and touching.

It's a computer-like web browser and video player.

All of that without a keypad.

Everything's done on a glossy interface...something reviewers say takes getting used to.

The iPhone will cost you five-to-six hundred dollars, and you have to sign up for a two year plan with AT&T...its only carrier for now.

Despite that, it's expected to sell like hot-cakes.

Apple projects it'll sell about 10-million of its first generation iPhone.

A second generation will likely follow with even more upgrades.

iPhones go on sale Friday night at 6 pm, only at Apple and AT&T stores.