Flooding across the Southwest continues

by Jay Gray
NBC News

Pounding rains and flash flooding continues to rip away at a huge chunk of the southwestern United States.

In some areas it has been raining for 16-days straight.

Rescue teams have been stretched to their limits, and in the hardest hit areas the Texas National Guard has been called in to help.

In Oklahoma flood waters swallowed neighborhoods and stranded motorists.

In Texas at least 11 people have died in the storms.

The constant rain, and raging currents are beginning to wear-away at the very core of towns like Marble Falls.

"The damage is even worse than I anticipated. We are seeing an enormous amount of damage to our infrastructure, bridges, streets," said Marble Falls Mayor Raymond Whitman.

In Haltom City the water chewed away major chunks of land.

Rains are expected to continue.