Kermit Church Loses Roof To Wind Damage

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Kermit, Texas- Neighbors like Joleta Mangum listened from across the street, Tuesday night as 80-90 mile per hour winds peeled the roof off the First Baptist Church's Fellowship and Youth Center.

"You don't know if it is going to give," said Mangum. 

"It was just swaying back and forth making a lot of noise," said Donna Harland, who lives across the street from the once flat roof now folded over like a piece of paper.

Police blocked off the area just before midnight Tuesday.

"Well, the police and the ambulance came, there was a bunch of lightning and wind and rain," she said.

Today the dangling rooftop drew would be photographers and onlookers.

"The wind came through those vents at such a force that it picked all of that around and laid it over here," said Deacon James Segars of the disheveled roof.

Last year First Baptist lost twelve windows after a severe hail storm, this year it's the roof.

"It's something that you would see in a disaster movie," said Mangum, "I just sat there with my mouth hanging open."

An insurance adjuster visited the site Thursday. The Church is waiting on crews in Odessa to remove the rumble.