Andrews Recovering After Storms Bring Strong Wind

By Wyatt Goolsby
Newswest 9

Midland and Ector counties aren't the only places picking up the pieces after Tuesday night's storm. The clean up started immediately in Andrews after strong winds damaged buildings and cable poles. One woman even saw her gazebo lifted and moved by the weather.

"We came out here to try to hold down our gazebo, and the wind pretty much picked it up with my husband and threw it over the side of our house, and now it's nothing but a bunch of rubble," said Cassi Sizemore, a resident of Andrews.

Sizemore says she is thankful no one in Andrews was hurt in the storm. She also explained why the wind didn't even scare her.

"Nah, it scared my little one, but I'm used to it. I was raised in West Texas. If you don't like the weather you wait a few minutes, it's going to change," explained Sizemore.

While roofs, telephone poles, and different kinds of power outlets have been damaged by Tuesday's storm, the biggest damage appears to be from trees. Newswest 9 saw numerous trees branches lying around, just in driving around.

Mike Pitkin with the Andrews County Parks Department says workers have been out all day trying to clean up all the tree branches.

"It's just a lot of work involved with trees, big sized trees, and everything, and a lot of the things is going to be elm trees," explained Pitkin. "We have very few breakages on pecan trees, but a lot of elm trees, because they're real brittle this time of year because they're in full growth right now."

Wednesday, Newswest 9 saw some of the repairs from last night. Two telephone poles that were knocked down have already been replaced, and power for the most part seems to be back on.